Without Borders International reaches across borders to improve the quality of life of people  who are disadvantaged by providing  critical services to help them spiritually, vocationally, emotionally, and socially.

  •  Spiritually- through church planting
  •  Vocationally- by providing job training and educational resources for people who are disadvantaged and people who have disabilities
  • Emotionally– by providing training, resources and counseling
  •  Socially– by providing cross-cultural opportunities to serve.

Mission Statement


Without Borders International  was started by a desire to serve disadvantaged and disabled peoples in Peru. Through numerous mission trips to Lima, Peru starting in 1999, relationships were developed with  the local deaf community . A need was identified and in 2007,  a house was purchased in Callao, Peru and renovated by a mission team from Minnesota. This house was eventually deeded to a deaf pastor serving in Callao, Peru.

Without Borders International was incorporated in 2012 with the mission to continue the work started in Peru and expand the reach and services provided. In the spring of 2013, a team from Without Borders International traveled to Lima to meet with  key people to consider new ways to support and build our vision for this area. We continue to seek to expand our partners to collaborate with in Lima to provide critical services and discipleship to the disabled and their families. Our short term goal is to be able to provide a space where  services can be provided to assist individuals and families who care for people with disabilities to grow and flourish. Most importantly we seek to show and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.